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Microsoft CSP Subscriptions & Licenses

Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program was developed to provide Microsoft cloud subscriptions (Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365) to customers of all sizes through their partner network.


The program is designed so Crescita can deliver your business Microsoft subscriptions and services, while providing the additional benefits of enhanced discounting, monthly invoicing, and direct partner support.

Making Crescita your one point of contact for all of your Microsoft needs.

On-Demand Subscriptions

Add, Remove, and Change what subscriptions you have, whenever you need to.

Eliminate unused subscriptions and reduce your expenses.

No Annual Commitment

Consumption based billing. No commitments, pay monthly only for what you use.

Quarterly and Annual billing also available if needed.

Full Microsoft


All of Microsoft's cloud subscriptions and add-ons are available:

Microsoft 365

Dynamics 365


Enterprise Mobility & Security

Power BI & Automate



Microsoft Project

....to name a few

Flexible Billing

Billing for the services you use, in the manner that fits your company the best.


Monthly, Quarterly, Annually.


None of the large up-front annual bills, as required by those legacy license agreements, unless you need it that way.

Discounts For Everyone

Every organization qualifies for savings on their subscriptions.


Whether you are a brand new start-up of 5 or mature enterprise of 10,000 with their sights on the next level.

Additional Support Services

Leverage additional local support resources, along with your Microsoft Premier Support services which come with your subscriptions.

This means faster SLA and response times to help drive solutions to your issues.

Use Cases

Monthly Billing

Instead of paying up front for a full year's worth of subscriptions, just to receive additional discounting, utilize monthly billing through Crescita.

This gives your organization the ability to spread expense across 12 months while still leveraging discounting below the annual rate.

Control spend to meet what is best for your business needs.

Short Term Projects

Scale up your Exchange, Microsoft Project, and Visio licenses for a few months while you tackle that new initiative.

Then you are free to release the licenses when done, all the while minimizing your project cost.

Reduced Time To Resolution

Purchasing your subscriptions through a CSP gives you two paths of support when your organization faces an issue.

Your CSP partner provides Microsoft support with local resources and a reduced response time. All of this while you still maintain direct Microsoft Premier Support services.

You have the flexibility to utilize whichever support model you prefer, or both, to get your Microsoft issue resolved.

Explore how Microsoft CSP subscriptions can help your organization today.